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Im 39 yrs old. Im currently a student. The reason why I want the surgery is not necessarily for cosmetic reasons or just to have bigger boobs. My reasons go way past that. See, One breast is alot bigger then the other. They are actually two diffrent cups sizes. One sits up while the other sags down. Its so uncomfortable for me. I can never find the right size bra because of this. I think Im an a cup on one side and a c cup on the other. Ive hated it all my life. By me getting the surgery it would surely give me a bust of confidence that I lack due to what I call my deformity. I would just like to lay in bed without worrying about covering up because of the embarrassement I feel about my chest. I will love you forever if u rock this with me. Ill keep you posted as I progress throughout my procedure. U will be my forever friend. I hope to hear from you soon. XOXO


All about Peachez

I’m 39 yrs old. I’m in need of a breast augmentation. Reason being is that one breast is larger than the other. I would like […]