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About Mojitomo


Hey there ! I’m 5’7 with naturally curvy body which I lost after the birth of my little girl 16 months ago . Before I had my daughter I went to the gym 5 days a week, I really took pride in my appearance and maintaining my looks has always been important to me ! Due to some complaints during my daughters delivery I was left with nerve damage in my lower back which meant the things I’d planned to do after her birth were put on hold . I thought after 6 weeks I could just go back to the gym and and graudually ease myself back into my old routine . That hasn’t been the case I wasn’t able to walk on and off for 6 months due to the pain and and the amount of medication I was on. I was put on the waiting list for physio therapy and only now 16 month almost 17 months later I’m receiving the treatment I so needed.

I am now back in the gym a couple days a week, sorting all while trying to balance being a single mother and studying. So unfortunately I just don’t have the time to put in the required effort that is need to get me to my body goal. I didn’t realise how much of a dramatic change you go through during pregnancy besides the obvious growing bump and the weight gain I thought I would be easy to bounce back especially considering how active I used to be. I’ve always had a naturally voluptuous body I went from a 36 C cup to a 38E if you know anything about boobs you’ll know it’s a huge jump. I chose to breastfeed because of my temperamental health feeding times were the only times I could really play the role as a mother as I wasn’t able to do much else without the help of my family and friends.

My daughter was delivered via emergency C section which has left me with a little pouch I’ve been and experienced first hand not matter how much exercise I do it’ll never completely go away unless I have it cut off . I was determined to do it the old fashioned way good old hard work so I got myself a personal trainer to help with achieving my goal that’s when I was told it’ll only go if I have it surgically removed. I don’t want to ramble on and on and make anybody feel sorry for me I’d just like some assistance in getting my body and confidence back! I haven’t felt good about myself since I had my daughter I’d love to have the same pride I had in my appearance 16 months ago things are slowly coming together I just need to help to get the whole picture .

Thank you for reading! Grateful for any help or contributions that are made.

If you’d like to know anymore about me I’ll leave my email address below feel free to contact me x [email protected]


You can make me whole again (excuse the pun aha)

Hey there ! I’m 5’7 with naturally curvy body which I lost after the birth of my little girl 16 months ago . Before I […]