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Hello, after my divorce 12 years ago I suffered a 10 year depression. My marriage was bad and I was not treated well. After the divorce I felt very low about myself and unfortunately my children were in the middle of it. I ended up gaining up to over 300 lbs and kept it on during my depressed state. I finally got help with the depression and decided to lose weight and be the real me again that I missed from years ago, but after the weight loss i still feel ugly even though iam told I'm beautiful. Under my clothes I have loose skin and sagging breasts.my vagina looks ugly with all the hanging skin. I still have hanging fat in my stomach in cases in loose skin. My arms and legs have flappy skin and rolls on my back. This is what I need so I can feel beautiful again. Liposuction everywhere, skin removal of arms, legs back. But lift, Boob job and lift,reconstruction of vagina and abdominal area, slight bagging under eyes. If you can help me with this I will be very greatful!

I need my whole body fixed, Please!

I need to feel sexy again, fix my whole body, please!

Hello there, After a bad marriage 12 years ago I went through a deep depression for ten years, during that time I gained over 300 […]