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About SexySciFiBarbie


*** If you are trying to contact me using the form here, I’ve been told it is slow or not working! Please email me sexyscifibarbie at gmail ***

All my life I've wanted to be the object of desire - with the right body, I'd want to just wear jewelry and high heels and nothing else!

I'm a MILF, a Hotwife Vixen, and want to do porn (yes, you read that right!).

I'm on a journey to get things just right, and have some major cosmetic surgery (with a lot of recovery) still to go. I've already had 625CC implants, various lipo, other nips and tucks, but now it's time for a full 360 degree body lift to move back from Mommy mode to Barbie mode. I don't want to wait longer. My surgeon is absolutely top notch, we've been working the plan, help me reach my goal!

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