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About spot


Introduced into a 2015 Toyota Tundra SR(Amazon said no fit-LOL) Anyways, out of the container the speakers feel quality they are a decent weight and when you expel the cover you see your 5 way speaker. Upon introduce I needed to change the entryway plastic covering by sanding down 1/2 of plastic on the posterior of the manufacturing plant entryway and what they appear as an implicit plastic grille speaker cover. For freedom Purposes is the reason I needed to do this(probably why Amazon said it didn't fit). So know whether it says it doesn't fit that could be the reason. At any rate, the speakers sound awesome. They are clear and send next to no bass to the speaker however what bass it does, sounds stunning!! I had just supplanted the back speakers and included a subwoofer so these were one of the last advances. 52.95$ for an arrangement of 2 speakers appeared to be tolerable to at any rate attempt, and I am happy I did!

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