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Hi I'm a 35 year old MILF that is a need of some body contouring! I'm most looking for a tummy tuck and some lipo! I have lost over 20lb and have been very active on working out and eating right!! But I have some stubborn fat that does not wanna let me go! I have collect a good amount of money about 7000 but are in need of a lil more!! i just need 7000 more to complete the look !!! I will share photos and updates and offer my friendship or snapchat. Anything you donate will be greatly appreciated.

Miss Estrellahttps://getcosmetic.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/943525-25x50.jpg

HELP me so i can send u nudes !!

Hi! im a 35 MILF that is looking to walk around naked at any point I can. I have lost over 20lb but have some […]