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About Theblondie


Hi there everyone! (Payment options are below)

My name is Ruby and I am here because I would love a fat transfer on my right breast. Ever since I was a young girl and started growing breasts, I have never really been able to accept the fact that boobs are really unsymmetrical. I would sometimes label myself as a perfectionist and whenever I look at myself in the mirror I can’t help but stare. I can even feel the difference when I walk, which is extremely aggravating.
When I see myself after getting a breast Enhancement, I see someone that is more confident and sexy than ever. I’m not saying that I’m not those things are ready, I’m saying that I could be the best version of myself possible. To have big, luscious, full, and symmetrical boobs would change A lot of things for me and I hope you are willing to help me out.

If you’re interested I would love to chat with you! And if you donate I would love to share pictures before and after to see what a happy and confident woman you have made me into.

In the US it cost around 6000 to have a fat transfer. If you were wondering why I would like a fat transfer instead of silicone/breast implants, it is because I would like to go for the more natural enhancement. I think of it as organizing my body into the right proportions!

Info about me:
Blue eyes
Blonde hair
Age 20
Cup size: left is a C and right is a A/B

Again, thank you for considering me! I hope we could talk more!



Google pal:
[email protected]

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