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Breast Augmentation

I have always wanted big breast because you can’t grab, squeeze or slap a flat chest. You can’t wear sexy tops or lingerie. I have […]


mummy make over

Hi I am a 44-year-old mum of two. I am wanting to get a mummy makeover. I have been working out with a personal trainer […]


Help me feel more feminine.

GOAL AMOUNT: £5000/$6932 Since i was 12, i have wanted a brest enlargement. I’m now 25 and it’s still something i really want. I’ve never […]

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Please Help Me enjoy life again by getting Rid of Excess Facial Skin/Face L...

I am 63 years old and the only thing that bothers me is my sagging face. I saw the work of one Doctor that made […]


Help me feel beautiful again

Hi! My nose was broken when a strange man punched me in the face at a concert. It is crooked now and I feel very […]


Help me feel more confident and happy with my nose so I can pursue my dream...

Hey my name is Lily and I am from New Zealand. I am making this profile as a desperate attempt to find someone who is […]


Luscious Lips and Laser Treatments

Hi! I am Panda. I have never had anything cosmetic done before. I want to start with something small while I work on the rest […]


Wanitng to get a lower body lift and breast lift with implants

Hello, all my lovelies. Hope everyone is well and staying safe. I am 4’11 and 28 years old, I started my health and fitness journey […]


Check out my pics and please help me get bigger boobs.

Hey guys I’m a 34yr old girl trying to get breast augmentation fat transfer which I really want because it’s more natural looking than implants, […]


Honestly, I need someone to prove to me that this isn’t a scam…...

at this point I do need someone to prove to me that this isn’t a scam… – HELP ME love all of me and forget […]

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