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Please help this momma feel beautiful again

I’ll try to be as brief as possible, as I’m new to this whole thing but dont know where else to turn. I am a […]


Cute, British Transsexual Woman needs essential Breast Augmentation!

Hey there, I am young, cute, 22-year-old British transsexual woman needing an essential breast augmentation and nipple, areola reconstruction (enlargement of nipple and areola). I […]


Native American transgender seeking donations for breast implants

5’9 170 latin native American. Hello I’m a transgender from Southern California looking for generous donation to help me fulfill my desire to become more […]

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Bigger Balance in my Breast Account x

Hi Gents I’m dreaming about making my porcelain chest luscious, bouncy and extremely caressable… My boobs are perky but assymetrical… I’d like to try fat […]


Make me the perfect pet, donate for custom content

I am looking to enhance my breasts. Won’t you help make me the perfect pet? With your donation you will receive or can request specific […]


I want to feel like a woman!

I’m an attractive woman, with a sexy personality but with a girls body. If my body matched my personality….WATCH OUT WORLD!;) I began having children […]


Help me achieve my dream body goal

Hello everyone! my name is lola maria I am 20 years old, latina, and in college. I am average size with some curves. although I […]

Taken to another level Body*

Taken to another level Body*

A London girl here, I’m naturally slim and athletic with excercise and diet and I’m hoping for a benefactor to assist me to have LIPOSUCTION […]

Look Better or Die Trying

Look Better or Die Trying

A London girl here and I’m hoping for a benefactor to assist me to have cosmetic procedures to improve my looks and help me achieve […]



Hello, I will make this brief because I’m not used to doing anything quite like this but I would like to know if anyone would […]

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