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How it works

At Get Cosmetic we believe every person should have the ability to achieve their cosmetic dreams. So whether it’s breast augmentation, a BBL or a complete Mommy Makeover. Simply create a profile and allow thousands of GC supporters to unlock your content to help you achieve your cosmetic goals!

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Once you earn the money you need, go ahead and get the makeover you’ve always dreamt of! Remember to keep your supporters updated on progress and we’d also love to know your story so get in touch!

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We’re Safe and Secure
We at Get Cosmetic understand the importance of our customers' anonymity. For this reason we wanted to be sure that we offer you the safest and securest platform possible.
Sensitive information such as names and billing information is not stored, seen or accessed by anyone.
Even on credit and debit card statements there will be no mention of the site or our business.