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How It Works

Get Cosmetic is a fundraising site for cosmetic surgery procedures. Those who want cosmetic surgery but simply can’t afford it can create an ad on our site and invite donations from friends, family or strangers.

Read on to find out how our site works for the ladies and donors…


For Ladies:

Want cosmetic surgery but don’t have the money? Place a fundraising ad on our site and invite contributions from others. Here are the steps:


1.    Register a free ‘throwaway’ email address at Gmail, Hotmail or another provider. This is because contributors that you may speak to beforehand will see your email address.


2.    Then come and register on our site and go to place your cosmetic ad.


3.    Here’s how you create an ad:

Provide details about yourself, the surgery you want and maybe even what you may be able to offer contributors in return. For example, you could offer your eternal friendship, before and after pictures so donors can see how their money has made a difference, or something else.

If you are hoping that most of your donations to come from strangers, we recommend including a few pictures of yourself holding a sign with ‘Get Cosmetic’ written out. That proves you’re a real person and that the pictures haven’t been stolen.

To receive money, you’ll need to have a free PayPal account. You can then add your PayPal email address to your listing so others know where to send payment.

Setting a target in your ad and providing donation updates helps motivate donors. To set a target, you’ll need to find out how much your desired surgery costs. For example, in the US, the typical costs of various breast related surgeries are:

–    Breast Augmentation with Implants (Silicone or Saline): $5000
–    Breast List with Implants (Silicone or Saline): $7,500
–    Breast Lift without Implants: $5,000
–    Breast Augmentation – Fat Transfer: $10,000

Once you’re happy with your ad, go ahead and publish it. If you need to change something, you can edit your ad by visiting your dashboard and clicking on the pencil icon.


4.    If you’re not afraid of the spotlight, share your cosmetic fundraiser with friends and family.


5.    Interact with potential donors that contact you and use your charm to drive donations. If you’re getting too many messages from strangers and not enough donations, ask potential donors to make a small contribution before you continue talking so that you know who’s serious and who’s not.


6.    Once you reach your target, go ahead and get the cosmetic surgery you’ve always dreamt of! Remember to keep your donors updated on progress and we’d also love to know your story so get in touch!


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For Donors:

Do you want to help make women more beautiful? Meet women who are craving cosmetic surgery but simply don’t have the funds! Here’s how it works:


1.    If you’re conscious about letting others see your ‘main’ email address, register on our site with a temporary email address from Gmail, Hotmail or any other provider. Women are able to see the email address that you use when you contact them.


2.    Contact women that you want to help out by using the embedded contact form on listings. That will help you get to know them better and ensure they’re genuine.


3.    If you want to help a particular woman to reach her cosmetic goals, make a contribution through the PayPal widget that will be on their ad. Remember that these women may be getting a number of messages from various donors so the sooner you can make a contribution to prove you’re serious in helping them out, the better.


4.    Enjoy any rewards they may provide as a thank you for your contribution and see who else might appreciate your support!


Update: If you were a MyFreeImplants user, please check this out and help us build a better cosmetic crowdfunding site!